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The journey of motherhood of all mamas around the world.

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Notes from Mom//No.13

Soo Hyun Noh

Name: Meghan

Mom of Five

Current City: Maple Grove, MN



1 John 4:8-10  [ God Is Love ] 

Love is so deep. And for me, is from God, in God, through God and because of that, I am able to love others because of His great sacrifice and presence in my life. Love is complex yet simple. Love is tangible and felt. I can love tea, love a friend and love my husband and do so for each in completely different ways. Love stretches beyond the imagination and that which we can comprehend and breaks boundaries and structures of law. It is unknown and it is hidden. It blossoms and it spreads. Love can be unexpected and the feelings just happen. And love is also a CHOICE.


Could I write a book about this? There are so many moments in the past (almost 8) years that I could pick moments of magnificence in my motherhood journey. Conversations with my children. Snuggles on a Saturday morning. Dance parties, tea parties, all the parties. Curiosity in questions from those "Why?" years. The moment the babies begin to crawl. And eat. And walk. Christmases and birthdays. Watching my husband interact with our kids. So many memories flood to my mind.

I think most memorable for all my life would be moments in their birth stories. I can instantly go back to those moments of laboring and contracting in preparation for their arrival. Such pain and agony. And such sweetness and passion involved in those memories. My last 3 children were home-births and I vividly wrote out their birth stories, so it's easy for me to read and reflect back and feel the exact same emotions I felt as I was living them. 

I tend to have very long labors (up to 3 days long) and the intensity of the pain is unbearable at times. And the exhaustion is unequivocally numbing. But that moment that I'm pushing the baby out and they are all of a sudden in my arms- there is no other feeling like it in the world. All the pain is gone and nothing else matters. The tears flow. Hard. There is laughter. There is this intense joy that is unmatchable. And all is right in the world. As I hold my precious newborn baby, fresh from my womb. What a beautiful process.


To proudly be who God uniquely and perfectly made you to be.

Pursue your passions. Chase your dreams. (And dream big.) And never be afraid to shine your light. You are worthy, you are capable, you are equipped. You are lovely. You are one-of-a-kind. There is none like you. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. So, BE YOU. Because there is only one you. And this world needs you.

Do the things you want to do. Care about others. Work hard. Always do your best. Love others. Cherish moments. Live for today.

Notes from Mom//No.12

Soo Hyun Noh


Name: Ann

Mom of One

Current City: Bothell, WA



Love is the one word that overwhelmingly resounds when I think about my family. My "Love" makes me selfless, kind, and brave.


After we brought our daughter home from the hospital, I had my first moment alone with her. It was finally just the two of us after being surrounded by people for days. I held my baby in her quiet bedroom and wanted to sing her a lullaby (because I felt like that's what moms are supposed to do), but I couldn't think of any in my sleep-deprived state. So, I softly sang the one song that came to mind--Louis Armstrong's "What A Wonderful World". As I looked down and sang to the little person cuddled up in my arms, I felt like a mother for the very first time, and the world did indeed feel so very wonderful.


Live your life with purpose and joy. Mommy and daddy will be right behind you, cheering you on in whatever you pursue. You are the greatest blessing in our lives, and we love you more than words can say.

Notes from Mom//No.11

Soo Hyun Noh


Name: Ximena

Mom of Two

Current City: Atlanta, GA



To me, love is choosing to put another person’s needs above my own. With kids, as with anyone else, it doesn’t mean giving them what they want no matter what, but it does mean sacrifice. Intentionality in the way I give them importance in my daily life.


I live my most memorable moment every so often, and it’s when both my boys, who are small enough to be snuggly but wiggly enough to be nearly impossible to pin down at the same time, just come up to me and give me the biggest bear hugs at the same time. Holding both of their little bodies with their little faces against my cheeks makes me tear up every single time. My husband and I struggled with infertility for a year and a half before getting pregnant with our first born, and then had two within 11 months of each other! So in those moments, with two pairs of little arms wrapped around my neck at the same time, my heart can’t contain its gratitude.


You are so unconditionally loved by your dad and me and by our heavenly Father, that you can be free. Free from things like worry, striving, and insecurity; as well as free to truly love others, discover the plans God has for you, and simply be.