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The journey of motherhood of all mamas around the world.

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Notes from Dad//No.1

Soo Hyun Noh


Name: Peter

Dad of Two

Current City: Paramus, NJ



Love gives... Love gives us an imagination to do things we never thought was possible. It gives us words that we never thought we’d say. It gives us songs we didn’t think we could sing. Love turns ‘never’ into ‘always’. As a father, I try to give what love gives. My hope is that one day my children can say “Fathers give...” 


My greatest memory is a simple moment, when Alaia and Sienna were sleeping. It was a moment that anchored all of my thoughts and worries, and made sense of it all. They taught me the power of a moment. That any moment can change your life. It taught me to take in every moment and do your best to give those moments to others.


Be brave. Believe in yourself, no matter what. Let love and joy be your guide. And don’t be surprised if your dad is embarrassingly protective and goes Wolverine on anyone who even thinks about coming near you. Papa loves you. <3 

Reset & Restart

Soo Hyun Noh


Having a second child comes with many blessings that shift your life in directions that you could have never imagined. To share with you guys, I needed some personal time to realign priorities and focus on taking care of our family’s newest addition, Sienna. 

Now that Sienna is more independent - eating solid foods, trying to stand-up by herself, and sleeping more on a regular schedule - I finally felt ready to re-engage my energy back into Laia Baby.  


Laia Baby started off as just an idea from a mom who felt the need for quality baby essentials that are consciously made. Our focus always has been on empowering women and creating a better world for our little ones. The company is not only a small business run by a mom but also serves as a space for every mom to share their unique walks in motherhood. 

Motherhood can be scary, not knowing “what to expect” (literally) in any stage: pregnancy, labor, birth, infant & toddlerhood, and the list goes on. But when you hear from other moms who have gone through what you are going through, there is this sense of accountability and solidarity that comes with it. 

Notes from Mom, a blog series I started on Laia Baby, was such a healing venue for me and our readers to say the least. There is a range of stories of moms from all different walks in life - first-time moms to grand-moms - that inspired me to rethink about what love is and how to love. 

As much as motherhood is important though, ever since Sienna came into our life, the importance of ‘dad’ has been hitting me hard. Sienna absolutely loves Peter (Alaia does too but it’s a little different). Maybe her attachment to him formed from me being too busy running around taking care of Alaia… But for some reason, Sienna’s eyes are always locked into my husband’s and it really is fascinating to see that special bond forming between them. 


So as I enter this next phase of Laia Baby, I would like to introduce a new series called Notes from Dad. Alongside with Notes from Mom, we will be featuring stories of dads and their unique walks in fatherhood. Our first post will be a special one, so stay tuned! ;)

If you are interested in being featured or know anyone who would like to contribute, please post a comment below or DM me on Instagram/Facebook and we would love to hear your story! 


With much love,