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The journey of motherhood of all mamas around the world.

Notes from Mom//No. 5

Soo Hyun Noh

Name: Mirian

Mom of One

Current City: Pasadena, CA



Love is realizing how powerful a simple smile can be after a long and rough day. Spending time with  my little chubby after an endless study is recharging! It is like all my energy is being built up again. I thank God everyday for this precious one in my life. 


The most memorable moment in motherhood is definitely the first time when I saw Matt's face. During pregnancy, I just wondered how Matt would be like. And when I saw him for the first time, he was nothing like as I imagined! But somehow I felt he was even better than what I had imagined - he was perfect. He was just the way God made him to be. Holding him in my arms was the most powerful experience of my life. I had a blast of feelings all at once. Like fear, love, gratitude, passion... all together. It was like a hurricane in my heart and mind! (the power of adrenaline...!) 


I want to tell him that the world might not be the way he wants. And things might not happen the way he planned. But I want to tell him that God is with us! And whatever he does, if he has a heart that loves God the most, then he will be fine. 

Matt, have fun in life! Dream big my dear. Mommy will always be here for you! Love you little prince!