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The journey of motherhood of all mamas around the world.

Hello, Laia Baby!

Soo Hyun Noh

It's been a long way coming and here I am writing my first blog post on Laia Baby. 

Giving birth to my lovely daughter, Alaia, was the beginning of it all. Transitioning into motherhood was one of the most challenging but the most rewarding experiences that I have ever encountered in life.

Trying to find meaning and purpose in the midst of giving my full attention to my baby girl was difficult. Folding my long standing identity as 'me' and unfolding my new self as 'mommy' was a puzzle to solve. But with the encouragement and support from my loving family, I was able to find a balance between the two identities through my new venture, Laia Baby. 

A simple thought of searching for a comfortable yet stylish piece of hand-made baby accessory led me to starting a wonderful journey. I wanted to provide moms with a great selection of accent pieces for their precious little ones.  

Looking cute is important. But I think every mom can agree that seeing our children grow into wholesome and loving individuals is most rewarding. 

I realized that for this to happen, I would need to become this wholesome and loving person myself. Wanting to contribute to a world that I want Alaia to live in, I decided to take my concerns into action by building Laia Baby as a brand that helps women, especially mothers to dream again (more details on the About page). 

In these upcoming posts, I'll be sharing my story raising my little girl Alaia, some parenting tips that I'm learning everyday, and featuring precious stories of mothers from all around the world. 

With high hopes and dreams for all the mothers out there,